About Us

Our dedicated and experienced staff possess and impart the qualities of love, self-worth, compassion and understanding

Director & Administration

Kay Gholamipour, Founder/Director

Kay Gholamipour has devoted her career to a lifetime of education. She began by teaching various ages: elementary, middle school and high school before becoming an instructor in a teacher training college. She has been working strictly in the field of early childhood education for the last 30 years. During her travels throughout Europe and the Middle East, Kay researched the effects of different teaching techniques on child development and realized she would have the most impact on an individual's overall success by focusing her career on Early Childhood Education. Kay has been running her own school specializing in early childhood education for more than 20 years and holds degrees in Child Development, Early Childhood Education, and Mathematics. She has been a resident of Santa Clara County for the past 30 years and is the proud parent of three grown daughters whose contributions to society include early childhood education, law, and journalism.


All teachers at K's Quality CDC are loving, caring, and dedicated to children. In addition, they are educated and trained in the field of Early Childhood Education. Some teachers on our staff have obtained Master's degrees and are fluent in more than one language. Of course, strength of character, integrity, honesty, and passion for children, in accordance with our philosophy, are also criteria that each educator at our school possesses.