Pre-School & Pre-K Programs

We provide Pre-School/Pre-K school year and summer programs, and an Infant & Toddler Center.

Goals and Objectives

  • Science exploration

  • Literacy and language development

  • Math readiness program

  • Social and emotional development

  • Computer

  • Learn self care and responsibility for own actions

  • Physical development

  • Build self-confidence

  • Establish lasting relationships with teachers and peers based on respect and trust

  • Self-expression & independence

  • Sharing & cooperation with peers

  • Good health and safety habits

  • Speaking and listening skills

  • Pre-writing and pre-reading activities

  • Become enthusiastic learner

Drawing Time

**Our pre-school program lays the learning foundation for a more advanced Pre-K curriculum

Kid's Playing Outdoor

Science and discovering emphasizing:

  • Individualized age-appropriate & developmentally-appropriate curriculum to allow for varying rates of growth

  • Emphasis on active learning to enhance social, emotional, physical, cognitive & language development

  • Problem solving, discovery and "learning by doing" through purposeful & productive play

  • Promote self-expression, independence & creativity while learning to share, cooperate and live with others

  • Consistently daily structured routine with a balance between child-initiated and adult-initiated activities

  • Continuous feedback & progress reports

  • Annual parent-teacher conferences

Summer Program (June - Aug)
  • Variety of on-campus events and gatherings

  • Day camps, Science Fair, Beach days, Arts & Crafts, Pottery, Math Camp, Reading Camp

  • Music, Dance, Gymnastics, and much more

Water Games